Custom Build – 50-MPH Monster Yellow Trike

The motors DaVinci used in this creation are the Astro Flight 3220 designed for high-end RC models. It is 92% efficient, weighs only 5 pounds, and can put out up to 15-HP each (11,000-Watts).

At low speeds, the yellow trike below is as efficient as almost any commercially available electric bike. This trike has dual astro 3220’s and will go zero to forty in 4.5 seconds!. This particular trike weighs only 90-lbs, and was converted to a very quiet all-belt drive for the motor, instead of chain. It has whopping-huge 44V / 30-Ah battery pack made from Hobby-King LiPos that if you milk it gently, you could get a 35 mile range on this Trike.

The base frame we started with was originally a KMX Typhoon, and then we heavily modified it to his design. The frame was widened 5 inches, lengthened 3 inches, and lowered 3/4 inch. It will use 203mm Hope 4-piston hydraulic brakes…”

DaVinci chose 16-inch wheels with 39mm wide rims for the fronts, and a 20-inch wheel with a 47mm wide rim for the rear, and for tires he used Massis Hookworms. The rear tire is 1.95-inches wide.

Matt of DaVinci ended up selling this customTrike for $7500 with a single motor (instead of dual like the build below). If you are interested in building your own monster trike or bike, we sell small production drive units and motor systems and can be reached at matt@electricbike.com. Fully built, ready to roll custom systems are available. Matt built the drive system for the FFR electric trike (now re-named Outrider-USA), a ready to roll solution that is very similar to the trike trike featured in the photo.

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  • John Smith

    Great looking eTrike!

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