DaVinci Drives is a company devoted to the research and development of advanced electric drive systems. We are a worldwide resource helping our clients achieve superior performance through concept, design, integration and optimization. DaVinci offers the best electric drive system for an electric motorized bicycle and electric mountain bike.

We strive to promote and expand the electric drive industry by investing in new and improved technologies. By partnering with like – minded companies, we are able to continually enhance our drive systems and are excited about the advancements we have envisioned for the future.

We are manufacturers of light–weight, efficient, durable, high performance electric drive systems. Since 2003 DaVinci Drives has worked to advance electric propulsion systems to work with chassis and suspension systems in a wide range of industries including the military and the budding energy marketplace.

Although our drives have proven themselves to power everything from unmanned aircraft to an 1150 pound formula hybrid car, most of our drives are used in the light to medium weight transportation industry including some of the top names in high performance bikes & trikes. In all, they are the best drive systems for an electric motorized bicycle, trike and electric mountain bike.

Our company grew up and has deep roots in the remote control helicopter manufacturing industry. Combining the use of larger motors and proprietary radio controllers from the RC industry and machining countless variations in reduction systems to work with optimal motor applications – we have developed extremely compact and efficient drive systems that have tremendous power density, unrivaled in the industry.

DaVinci Drives is a “work of art” in design and efficiency. Using only the highest quality components – no compromises have been taken in the design and production of our drives: They are CNC machined aluminum, they can be reengineered and tailored with different motor configurations, belt pitches, belt widths, torque limiters, throttle controls, shaft & pulley diameters, frame mounts and numerous other enhancements for use in multiple configurations.

We are relentlessly evolving our systems. Through continuous product testing and evaluation both in-house and through our chain of users to get real world data, we find and implement improvements and bring them to our business partners and client base.

DaVinci Drives owners focus on motorized bicycle drives