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Custom Typhoon Trike (Extended Story)

Starting with a KMX Typhoon trike, this went through the DaVinci shop where the frame was torn apart and lengthened 3 inches, widened 5 inches, and lowered 3/4 inch. Then it was braced in a trellis fashion similar to a Ducati space-frame. The seat framework was integrated into the space-frame as a structural member. Then the frame was powder-coated “Safety Yellow” and clear coated.

The rims are custom made aluminum items made by Jetset in Tiawan. The front rims are 43mm wide and the rear is 47mm wide. They are also powder-coated yellow to match the frame. The front wheels are laced with extra strong 13 gauge spokes to tolerate the high side loads of hard cornering. The steering tillers (handlebars) are custom CNC machined aluminum units with custom hand controls. Both front brakes are controlled on the left handlebar by way of twin master cylinder/brake levers on one bar. The left front brake is controlled by the middle finger and the right front brake is controlled by the index finger. This independent braking allows for incredible cornering control. Steering is softened by way of a motorcycle steering damper mounted on the left side of the trike. This stabilizes the trike at high speed and is easily adjustable on the fly. Incorporating the DaVinci drive system with a 3220 motor, this produced 9,000 watts of tire smoking power and accelerates the 95 pound vehicle with occupant from 0 to 40mph in 4.5 seconds (data logger confirmed). It has a 48 volt lithium polymer 25 amp hour battery pack. This pack is good for 35 miles on a charge if run an average of 20mph. Efficiency is an incredible 18 watt-hours per mile at 20mph!

If you are looking to shift to a new house or want to renovate your existing one, the first thing you will need to think about is the painting. While it may be tempting to hire a professional to do it if you have never painted before, it will cost you a lot of money. Painting your own house allows you to experiment with something new and will help you save thousands of dollars.

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Custom Build – Twin-Astro Motoped

This is an over-the-top custom electric bicycle system from DaVinci Drive Systems on a Motoped frame. I first became aware of the very interesting Motoped company about a couple of years ago. The Motoped has been designed to use a 50cc gasoline engine, and it clearly looks like a light off-road motorcycle. However, it was also designed from the beginning to be as light as possible, and to have pedals for human input. As a result, it uses a lot of heavy-duty bicycle components.

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