Performance Electric Drives 
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  Faster Commute Time  
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DaVinci Drives are made from permanent magnet brushless DC motors with unique framework components and belt drive pulleys made from CNC machined aluminum. This makes for a reduction system that is maintenance free, stronger, lighter, and able to freely dissipate heat resulting in an extremely efficient and powerful drive system for electric bikes..

We are relentless in our pursuit of power and efficiency. Our drive systems are constantly evolving to incorporate improvements in design and technology. Much of our product testing and evaluation is done in-house and through our chain of early adopter “Field Testers” to get real world data. When an area of potential improvement is found, we implement the improvement and bring it to you! With performance and reliability as the hallmarks of our drive systems, we use the best components and work hard to make sure our drives reverse compatible with previous systems and assemblies.

Drives are built to order based on personal use, load capacity, performance needs or for specific applications. Contact us for pricing.

Let us know what you need or we will be happy to help you decide how to build your system for order.

Variations in the build or fine tuning considerations may include :

  • Motor selection
  • Twin motor design
  • Reduction system
  • Cooling options
  • Shaft diameter
  • Controller tuning
  • Throttle interfaces
  • Frame mounts
  • Sprocket adapters
  • Battery choice

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Our Most Popular DaVinci Drive Systems

electric bike

Tha DaVinci Drive

Our flagship reduction system for high powered motors. If you are looking for the ultimate electric drive system for your ride, this is it! No compromises have been taken and years of R&D and design refinement and have gone into this drive.

commercial electric bikes

V4 Drive System

This is a four standard drive system for medium powered motors. The V4 drive is the essence of simplicity without sacrificing quality.This drive is modular and adjustable. The motor plate can be rotated in relation to the mounting foot.

commercial electric bikes

Industrial Drive

Ideal for Pedicabs and Cargo bike applications, this two-stage commercial drive system carries the trademark Davinci high efficiency architecture geared for heavier applications with lower overall speed. All drives are weather resistant and can be fan cooled, the system layout and offset can be easily reconfigured to accommodate many different chassis designs & configurations.