Unique sleeve motor mounting system.

The motor slides through a “Cradle” (or sleeve) that wraps around the motor and pressure clamps to the can. The Cradle, then, mounts in a Carriage supported by 1.5 inch wide aluminum arms. This system eliminates any flex in the reduction system allowing far higher belt tension and wider belts. This is critical for high power systems, such as running a 3215 or, more critically, the big 9,000 watt 3220 motor. It also pulls heat from the motor can and transfers that heat directly into the reduction system framework. The framework has far higher thermal mass and surface area than the motor by itself. This drops motor heat tremendously! Normally these motors do not run very hot. However, under hard running, heat can build up. This drive system solves this heat buildup in a very innovative way, resulting in a high performance electric bike.

CNC machined torque limiter.

Torque limiting is important for high power electric systems. The torque limiter protects the drive line and the electronic motor controller from overloading due to a number of factors. It also improves acceleration by reducing wheelie or wheel-spin tendency. The torque limiter can be easily adjusted or “Tuned” for each specific application to provide more or less limiting (slip). We pioneered the use of torque limiters on these systems 4 years ago and have refined the system to be truly reliable, easy to adjust, and inexpensive to service if ever needed. The standard V4 drive system uses a steel torque limiter. This is fine for most setups. However, the CNC machined torque limiter is 10 ounces lighter than the steel unit, and dissipates heat far better. This heat dissipation is critical for high power and racing systems. Even the drive system pulley acts as a heat-sink, helping reduce heat build-up in the torque limiter even further.

Higher offset mount base.

This reduction system uses a different mount base than our standard reduction. This puts the output in a straighter line to the rear sprocket, allowing less suspension squat (for suspension bikes) and eases installation.

Easy belt tension adjustment.

This drive unit has a simple Philips screw to adjust the belt tension. It is an elegant system that could not be simpler!

Adjustable carriage to mount base position.

As with our V4 drive, this drive allows the installer to rotate the motor carriage in relation to the mount base. This increases mounting options for various bike frame layouts.The 3220 motor is recommended for this drive, though the 3215 and even the little 3210 fit as well.


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Drives are built to order based on personal use, load capacity, performance needs or for specific applications. Contact us for pricing.

Let us know what you need or we will be happy to help you decide how to build your system for order.

Variations in the build or fine tuning considerations may include :

  • Motor selection
  • Twin motor design
  • Reduction system
  • Cooling options
  • Shaft diameter
  • Controller tuning
  • Throttle interfaces
  • Frame mounts
  • Sprocket adapters
  • Battery choice

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