Reduction ratio — 4 to 1 or 5 to 1

Pulleys –CNC machined aluminum.

These are proprietary pulleys made for this application only.

Belt — 5mm pitch 20mm or 25mm wide

(depending on the application)

Adjustable configuration

This mid drive for electric bikes is modular and adjustable. The motor plate can be rotated in relation to the mounting foot. Also, the jackshaft and its supporting bearing tube can be made longer for greater offset if required. One example of this is for the Catrike line of tadpole trikes. Other applications require an additional offset. This is easily achieved with this drive system. Contact us directly for further information.

Freewheeling output

The V4 drive comes with a threaded output adaptor to mount a standard BMX freewheel. This allows the electric system to freewheel when not engaged. We stock both standard adaptors for 16 tooth freewheels and micro adaptors for tiny 13 tooth freewheels.

Precision steel torque limiter

This protects the system, both the mechanical components and electronic components, from overload due to the high torque these high efficiency motors are capable of.

commercial electric bikes form

Drives are built to order based on personal use, load capacity, performance needs or for specific applications. Contact us for pricing.

Let us know what you need or we will be happy to help you decide how to build your system for order.

Variations in the build or fine tuning considerations may include :

  • Motor selection
  • Twin motor design
  • Reduction system
  • Cooling options
  • Shaft diameter
  • Controller tuning
  • Throttle interfaces
  • Frame mounts
  • Sprocket adapters
  • Battery choice

electric bikes three wheels